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R and B music CDs for your RealAudio listening pleasure!
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Scottie Blinn - Hoodoo Charm

Karl Marx - Find the Flowers

Elgin - Elgin's Greatest Hits

Sarah Wolf - These Same Eyes

Modern Rhythm

Billy Bacon and the Forbidden Pigs -
13 Years of Bad Road {blues/country}

Billy Bacon and the Forbidden Pigs -
Pork Que?

Billy Scott & the Prophets -
"Ready to Party"{r&b}

C. Lee Clarke -
C. Lee Clarke

The Greasy Petes - from The Tiki Compilation {blues}

Mississippi Mudsharks - Traditional Heavy {blues}

Mississippi Mudsharks - Whatcha Hear is Whatcha Get! {blues}

Mr. A - Free Mary Jane {rap}

the R.A. Brotherhood - porch songs for los angeles {r&b}

Latise Shale't - The Journey {r&b}

Tech. T - ROLL WITH IT {r&b}

Tech-T - Tech-T  {r&b}

Stephanie Aramburo - Stephanie Aramburo {r&b}

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Our sound clips use RealAudio.


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